Improving English. Developing people. 

Our mission is to expand the horizons and opportunities available to students by integrating the best in English language teaching and learning with universal values, social responsibility, and an awareness of global issues.


We believe that education is the foundation of our society and we are convinced that it is essential for teachers and schools to innovate and develop in order to meet the present, and future, demands of changing world education.

Founded in 2009, University of Dayton Publishing (UDP) is the result of an alliance between SM, a leading text book and children’s literature publisher, and the University of Dayton, a   top-tier Catholic research university.

UDP represents the best innovative resources in teaching and learning English as a foreign language. It integrates print materials, digital resources, and modern teacher training to form a unique catalog of products and services that are designed to meet the needs of both teachers and learners.

In our dual roles as publisher and educational consultant, we deliver tailor made solutions to help schools evaluate new materials, improve their curriculum design, and integrate the latest developments and technologies into teaching and learning.


What we offer

  • Professional development for English teachers
  • Innovative English Language Teaching (ELT), Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), and Language Arts publications
  • Teacher’s resources, reference materials
  • Interactive digital books and virtual learning environments

Where we are