• My World Learner’s Dictionary

    Helps primary and secondary students check essential vocabulary in key content areas.



My World Learner’s Dictionary

All definitions are supported with examples to help learners understand meaning and word usage. Additional information and a full Grammar Summary help learners to avoid common errors and misunderstandings. A Conversation Guide provides real-life examples of how words are used and includes advice on developing communication skills.

My World Learner’s Dictionary takes learners straight to the words and definitions they need, with:

  • Key vocabulary for different content areas
  • 60 pages of illustrations that contextualize CLIL-related vocabulary
  • The most frequent or useful words clearly indicated
  • Words defined in clear, simple English with Spanish translations for all main meanings
My World Learner’s Dictionary Online

Students using My World Learner’s Dictionary can also find additional resources online, including all the lexical entries, examples of American and British English pronunciation, and extra activities that reinforce their English language learning.

  • Includes more than 400 interactive activities, as well as charts for project work and practice




  • Thematic vocabulary illustrated in context.
  • Notes to resolve doubts.
  • Translations of words into Spanish.
  • Parts of speech.
  • Examples of words in context.
  • Grammar Reference for language learners.